Facing new markets and reorganizing their supply chains is an ongoing challenge for our customers. OPTA accompanies companies in creating valuable relationships abroad through the partners of IMCN, a qualified European network of independent consultancy firms founded in 1994. 100 consultants in over 30 countries with the ability to communicate in over 10 languages ​​guarantee coverage of the European market both on the production side and on that of market entry.
Our netwoek in Europe:

TIPMC GmbH - Austria

SPROF - Finland

Hommes & Performance - France

ValueQuest - France

Management onsulting ANXO - Germany

Opta Srl - Italy

Collusor Management Consulting - Norway

Oslo Consulting Group - Norway

Mercal - Portugal

Step Consulting - Russia

Abinitio Consulting - Spain

ARCOM Management Consulting - Switzerland

Van Oormerken Organisatie-Advies - Netherlands
NoE was created with the aim of sharing the many years of experience in the consulting world of the four founding partners, to offer companies a wider range of services aimed at continuous improvement and to provide specialist support in times of transition and growth such as, for example , through M&A projects.
Our network in Italy:

Opta srl - Bologna, Emilia-Romagna

Consulting INternationaal srl - Firenze, Toscana

MPS Consulting s.r.l. - Milano, Lombardia

Red2Green Italy Srl - Milano, Lombardia

Visalta Srl - Milano, Lombardia
Business Partner

To achieve the change that our customers ask of us, it is often necessary to integrate different knowledge and technologies within the consulting process. Over the years, OPTA has developed solid partnerships with highly qualified and specialized companies in their areas of intervention. The consolidated relationships guarantee a homogeneous approach and effective project management.