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OPTA has been offerings consulting services in operations and logistics since 1996, with the primary goal of helping people involved in operational processes to achieve their efficiency targets. We redesign the company’s entire supply chain of the company through the application of best practices, promoting cost reduction and creating competitive advantage.



Improvement projects: we support the company both in the definition phase of proposedthe solutions and in their appolication , operatively, in the field application

Temporary Manager

Temporary qualified professionals: we provide the company with temporary function or project managers to manage complex projects.


Training courses: we plan and provide personalized training for companies in-house and we are present at qualified Business Schools and training institutions.

In these 25 years we have grown by supporting our customers in the change processes, starting from the Supply Chain to build a multi-service approach, because the company is one but the improvement is transversal.

Thanks to those who shared this path with us.

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